First Generation

I am a daughter of latino immigrants. At school, I grew up trying to fit in with friends. At home, I grew up translating doctor appointments for my parents and teaching my cousins and siblings how to read. I grew up between two cultures, speaking two different languages and currently continue to fight battles for my family and I. Through my family, I share with you the story of immigrants. With pride they taught us what they knew best: their morals and hard work ethic. Everyday they continue to fight for the completion of their American Dream, but they don’t care to fail or succeed because they have raised us with the ultimate goal to be greater than they were and to dream higher than they did. As first generation Americans, we feel the pressure to help our family survive because each day we are reminded by outsiders the privilege we have by simply being Americans. Although, this in itself becomes complicated because of our color and race. Nevertheless, the power of a dream, the pursuit of a safer life and the loyalty we all have for each other is what continues to push us ahead, especially during these very difficult and fearful times. My community is living in fear but with these photographs, I hope to express my gratitude, love and support for my loved ones.